1.   Computer-aided design (CAD) Edit

·     A CAD system uses computer hardware & software to help engineering or architectural designs. It easily produces detailed plans & accurate technical drawings

·      CAD programs can make 3D drawings that can be viewed in many angles


·     Designs can be produce faster, reducing costs

·     Easy to make changes to original design

·     Easy to make duplicates

·     Standard components can be used, reduces time and costs

2.  Computer-aided manufacture (CAM)

·     CAM is when a computer controls manufacturing plant & equipment in a production system. Precision and accuracy is important

·     Software makes instructions for Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) which includes computerized lathes for turning & drilling and machines for cutting & polishing large stones for building purposes

·     Robots in Cam are used to lift heavy items, assemble heavy items and paint things

·     How computers control robots: 1. Sensors detect what’s happening on production line. 2. Control software takes data to sensors, sends to activator. 3. Activators make things happen e.g. picking things up


·     Faster production of parts & production

·     Production of more consistent product

·     Production of more complex designs


3.   CAD/CAM system

Used to integrate design and manufacturing. Engineers use system to create product designs and control manufacturing and 3D modelling. E.g. SolidWorks® & MasterCard®

4.   Computer-aided engineering (CAE)

·     Systems analyze engineering designs produced by CAD systems and stimulates many conditions to see if design works

5.   Youtube Videos

What is CAD?

What is CAD? CAM:
Tim Longenecker - 2010 Machine Tool and Computer Aided Manufacturing

Tim Longenecker - 2010 Machine Tool and Computer Aided Manufacturing CAE:
Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Explanatory Video (english)

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Explanatory Video (english)
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