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ICT has been the source for entertainment and leisure and it is being used in these situations such as; communicating, games, media streaming and home leisure.

Entertainment and LeisureEdit

Home and leisure - you have different machines to help you do task at home like cooking, washing, air conditions. You use microwaves to help you heat up food, and have washing machines to wash your clothing. And these machines are made by using ICT. If it weren't for ICT, we would have to make fire to cook our food.

Communication - every single day, we use phones, computers, and different sites (like face-book or twitter) to talk to out friends or family and ICT invented these methods to enable to talk to people and communicate with them, and ICT also helps us talk to friends that lives on another country.

ICT also gave us some entertainments to have, instead of just reading books or doing sports, ICT has made games for us to play and we can stream on the internet to find something amusing.

Gaming - Many people play a wide range of games, on computers or on play stations. ICT is the reason for this, they made different types of games for every person to play like action, adventure, construction, and simulation. There are even game that can help you get fit. We can even play games with friends online, you can communicate with them as you play with them. They even made controls for us to use when playing such as the keyboard and the wii controller. They even made the controls more advanced like the Oculus Rift.

Media streaming – ICT has also given us more entertainment other than games, now you can listen to music, look at photographs, and watch a movie. With technologies provided by ICT , you can stream, or download media that you can use for entertainment, for these entertainments, we would have to use the wireless network, or the internet to allow use to stream on any websites. If it weren't for ICT, we wouldn't be able to have these
GCSE ICT - Unit 1 - Home Entertainment - Gaming Video

GCSE ICT - Unit 1 - Home Entertainment - Gaming Video


1.Name 4 things that we use ICT for in this topic.

2.Name at least 2 medias that we use to communicate.

3.Do we only use ICT for entertainment?

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