Robots are hardware devices that perform physical tasks.These tasks may be simple manufacturing tasks or very complex industrial tasks. Robots come in all shapes and sizes yet operate in a very similar way.

Robots can be used for many things such as packaging products, welding, painting, and building products, building cars and dealing with substances that would be dangerous for humans to deal with.

Some very specialized robots have been developed for a number of tasks such as:

·     Robots are used to enter active volcanoes to video and gather info that people couldn't get due to the high risk of death.

·     Robots can mine for metal, gold or any kind of resource as such.

·     Robots can deactivate bombs

·     Robots can even paint bridges or other awkward places that need painted that humans can’t access.

·     Robots can sense and measure radioactivity

·     Remotely –Operated Vehicles (ROV) are robots that can perform tasks that may be too dangerous for humans to do.

Robots can be programmed to do tasks by using programming languages or teach and learn methods. Using this method you program a robot under the control of a computer one instruction at a time. You watch the robot perform it and if it’s adequate you will save the command. Another way to program a robot it to physically move it through the actions that you want it to perform, the computer automatically saves this. [1]

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