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Medical expert systems Many doctors now make use of expert systems to support their own diagnosis. The doctor inputs the one of the patient's symptoms into the expert system. The system then applies a set of rules and asks further questions.

An expert system or knowledge-based system is a program that analyses questions input by a practitioner and provides answers at the level of an expert in a particular field. It consists of two parts; the knowledge base contains a large volume of information in a particular field while the inference engine of an expert system analyses the input data using reasoning methods and the knowledge base to arrive at a conclusion. Advantages : • It can indicate the range of possible health problems based on the known symptoms

• It gives support in making decisions about which a doctor may be unsure because of a lack of knowledge or lack of experience

• It can help experts arrive at an accurate solution much faster

• It can be developed and kept up to date as new discoveries are made and knowledge is advanced

• It can show the concepts it used to arrive at its conclusions

Disadvantages: • It lacks judgment and intuition, which are sometimes vital diagnosis.

• It cannot learn from mistakes.

Medical Expert Systems

Medical Expert Systems



1. What is an expert system? (2) 2. What is an expert system also known as ? (2) 3. Name one reason why doctors make use of expert systems? (2) 4. Name and define the two parts that compose the expert systems? (4) 5. List 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages. (8)

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